Message Signatures

Message Signatures

Message signatures are automatically populated on manually sent outbound messages in the main sender window. They can save you time and allow automatic personalization of messages.

Note: Signatures are only added to manually sent messages and will not affect automatic messages (such as auto replies, keyword bounce backs, etc.)

Text Groove supports two different types of message signatures:
  1. Account Signatures - These are tied to only one users and are populated after the message being sent when that user is logged in. They are prefixed with a hyphen (-).
  2. Number Signatures - These are tied to the number, and are populated to any message being sent by any user on that particular number. They appear on a new line at the bottom of the text.

Adding an Account Signature

To add a signature to your user account, simply browse to the Settings menu and choose Edit Profile

Next, put your signature in to the Account Signature field and save it by clicking Update Profile.

Adding a Number Signature

To add a signature to your number for all users, simply browse to the Settings menu and choose Manage Numbers.

Then, select the number you want to edit, set the Number Signature field and Save Sender Settings when you're done.

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