Understanding and Troubleshooting Message Delivery on Text Groove

Understanding and Troubleshooting Message Delivery on Text Groove

At this time, we are seeing an increase in carrier-side blocking on US 10DLC traffic due to changes with the industry algorithms and spam-blocking directives from the FCC.

Due to the increase in blocking events, we are seeing extended resolution times on some of our blocking event tickets, as well as additional requests for modifications to some registered campaign details and client privacy policies before blocks are fully lifted.

We are committed to resolving these blocking events as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience while we work through these industry-wide changes.

Why Messages Might Get Blocked


In the world of SMS communication, message delivery isn't always guaranteed. There are various reasons why an SMS message sent through Text Groove might not reach its intended recipient. Understanding these reasons is key to effectively managing your SMS campaigns and ensuring maximum deliverability.

Common Reasons for Message Blocking

  1. Spam Filters: Carriers use sophisticated algorithms to detect and block spam. Messages that appear to be spam may be blocked, ev
  2. Content Issues: Certain keywords or phrases might trigger carrier filters, leading to message blocking.
  3. Number Reputation: If a number has been previously used for spam, it might be blacklisted by carriers.
  4. Carrier Restrictions: Different carriers have unique policies and restrictions that might affect message delivery.
  5. Technical Issues: Network problems or technical glitches either on the carrier's end or within Text Groove's systems can cause delivery failures.

What to Do if Your Messages Are Not Getting Delivered

Immediate Steps

If you notice that your messages are not being delivered, please take the following steps:
  1. Collect Information: Gather as much detail as possible about the issue. This includes the phone numbers that didn’t receive messages, the exact content of the message, and the date and time when the messages were sent.
  2. Contact Support: Email this information to support@textgroove.com. Our dedicated support team will investigate the issue and provide assistance.

Providing Detailed Information

When contacting support, please ensure you include:
  1. The specific numbers affected.
  2. The content of the message.
  3. The exact date and time of the messages.
  4. Any error messages or codes received, if applicable.
This information is crucial for a swift and effective resolution.

Carrier SLA for Delivery Escalations

Understanding Carrier SLA

When there are issues with message delivery, the mobile network operators and messaging aggregators adhere to a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with Text Groove. This SLA defines the timeframe within which carriers will respond to and address delivery issues.

Timeframe for Resolution

The standard SLA for delivery escalations with carriers is 3 business days. During this period:
  1. Text Groove will liaise with the carrier to identify and resolve the issue.
  2. We will keep you informed of the progress and work towards a timely resolution.

Post-Escalation Follow-Up

After the issue has been addressed:
  1. Text Groove will provide a detailed report on the cause of the problem.
  2. We will offer guidance or adjustments to your SMS strategy if needed, to prevent future delivery issues.

For further assistance or inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact our support team at support@textgroove.com. We are here to help ensure your messages are delivered successfully.
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