Getting Started Checklist

Getting Started Checklist


So you're ready to get started with Text Groove - now it's time to get that paperwork in order!

Schedule Cancellation with your Existing Provider:

If you are migrating your service to Text Groove, you'll need to schedule a cancellation with your existing provider. Please reach out to them and confirm a number disconnection date. In most cases, Text Groove requires the existing line to be disconnected prior to us provisioning the number to our network. When we schedule this, we can work to ensure minimal downtime when the service gets transferred. Additionally, the carriers require our LOA to be signed within 30 days of activation, so it's important for us to have an accurate date.

Additionally, if you are planning on transferring data, such as contacts or message history, into Text Groove, you'll want to schedule the data export to be sent to you prior to account closure. Once you have this information, please forward this to

Open Onboarding Ticket with Text Groove:

Please send an email to with the subject line Onboarding Request when you have the following information ready.
  1. Phone numbers that we are activating, along with the station call letters & physical address associated with the phone service.
  2. Target activation date (will be the same as the previous provider's disconnection date if you're migrating service)
  3. Name / Email for the Signing Authority for the numbers
  4. Billing contact email address for invoices / payment receipts
  5. Fill out this information for 10DLC Registration of the numbers: (we only need the form filled out once per market).
Once we have received your onboarding request ticket, we will get to work on the paperwork and setting your account up.

Text Groove Onboarding Timeline:

After we have received your onboarding request ticket, we work within the following schedule:
  1. Approximately 2-3 Weeks Before Onboarding: Accounts set up and LOA paperwork generated, emailed to signing authority.
  2. Approximately 1 Week Before Onboarding: Data exports are imported by Text Groove support.
  3. During Week Before Onboarding: Training session provided for your staff, you can configure any automatic replies & keywords that need to be live at activation time.
  4. Day of Onboarding: Text Groove activates your line and service becomes live.